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Our Philosophy




These are attributes you want in a good friend, but they are absolutely essential to have in a good real estate agent.

A good real estate agent will also have a wealth of experience in the field, expertise in the rules and regulations that govern the industry and the passion and drive to see a transaction through to a successful outcome.

At Swallow Properties we take these attributes to heart by being client-oriented, focusing on personal attention, communication, honesty and excellent problem-solving and negotiation skills.

We have more than 60 years of real estate and business experience together, bringing all of our experience and expertise to bear on your transaction. We care about our clients and are there for your every need.

Our Mission

At Swallow Properties we are there for the client. We believe that integrityhonesty and trust are the bedrock of all real estate transactions. We will always provide personal attention to our clients, keep lines of communication open and see that their needs are being met. We are all about helping people realize their real estate dreams and aspirations.

The home of your dreams is just a phone call or a click away.

Please contact us at your convenience and let us help you fulfill those dreams.
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